Painting and Coating

Industrial Coatings to Protect Your Assets

Gulf Coast Industrial specializes in the application of corrosion-inhibiting protective coatings for the industrial and heavy commercial markets. We provide everything from basic corrosion protection for exterior surfaces to high-performance coatings and linings for highly corrosive environments. We offer extensive experience with a comprehensive range of industrial coatings, linings and specialty products. Our technical group has the knowledge to evaluate your needs and accurately determine the best value-driven solution for your challenges. We consistently use the latest beneficial technology to accomplish our work, whether it is an automated system for the inner wall of a sewer or a closed containment system to control overspray on a busy thoroughfare.

Gulf Coast is firmly committed to working with the client and the coatings manufacturer to select the right coating for the type of substrate, service and environmental exposure. We stay abreast of constant changes and improvements in materials and application methods and our work crews are fully trained to execute the latest technology.

Surface Preparation Methods

  • High-Pressure Water Blast Cleaning (2,500-5,000 psi)
  • High-Pressure Waterjet Cleaning (10,000-40,000 psi)
  • Recyclable Abrasive Blast Cleaning
  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning (Various Media)
  • Wet Blast Cleaning
  • Sponge Abrasive Blast Cleaning
  • Vacuum Blast Cleaning
  • Power Tool Cleaning
  • Vacuum-Assisted Power Tool Cleaning
  • Solvent Cleaning
  • Dry Ice Blast Cleaning