Asbestos and Lead Abatement

Safe, Compliant Abatement Removal

Asbestos and lead have been proven to pose significant health risks and are linked to cancer and other diseases. Unfortunately, these toxic substances may be present in your facility and require abatement. It is important to partner with a contractor that puts safety first and has extensive experience with abatement compliance and regulations.

Gulf Coast Industrial is experienced in all types of abatement work and provides services for a wide range of clients in industrial facilities across the Southeastern United States. We handle the entire process from hazardous materials inspection to safe removal, demolition, disposal and reconstruction. Our direct-hired employees are trained, highly experienced and certified to carry out their tasks. During the abatement process, we utilize engineering controls and technical expertise to remove regulated and non-regulated materials without interrupting operations.

Our approach to asbestos and lead removal is designed to ensure the health and safety of everybody who could be affected by our work, and at the same time try to mitigate the amount of disruption to our clients’ ongoing operations. Along with safety and quality, our commitment to cost and schedule is also imperative to successful project completion.

Full documentation is provided for all abatement and associated services, including:

  • Written Site-Specific Health and Safety Work Plan
  • Sample Analysis
  • Notification Forms
  • Air Monitoring
  • Health Monitoring
  • Encapsulation
  • Demolition and Removal
  • Compilation and Tracking of all Asbestos and Lead Waste Manifests
  • Re-Insulation
  • Final Report Detailing Abatement Activities and Associated Documentation